Join Thousands of Law Practitioners on Ilawyer

Join Thousands of Law Practitioners on Ilawyer

Corporate Law

Manage your Corporate Legal data, Companies data, Shares, Shareholders, Shares Transfers, Capital, Board Members, Assets, Related Docs & more.

Contacts Management

Centralize your Contact list with quick & Advanced Search Engines. Add Contacts on the fly. Categorize, share, and export your Contacts & more.

Litigation Cases

Manage your Litigation Cases. Build your Cases Lifecycle. Categorize Cases, Manage Hearings & estimate Efforts. Track Notes History. Schedule Reminders

Document Management

Upload/Map your folders & all Document types. Add Comments and Statuses. Categorize Documents & manage Templates with a powerful Search Engine.

Task Management

Build your team’s to-do lists. Configure Tasks Lifecycle to fit into your Business Processes. Manage your Priorities, Due Dates, Resources & more.

Money Management

Track and Categorize your Expenses & Income to build KPIs. Generate your Invoices and record Payments. Visualize your P&L in useful charts & more.

Time Tracking

Record your time spent on Cases, Tasks or any other activity. Build your Reports to compute Effective Efforts. Generate Expenses based on your Time Tracking.


Share your Calendar with your colleagues for a better Visibility & Collaboration. Schedule Events, Invite Guests, Notify your Colleagues & more.

Universal Search

A powerful Search Engine is implemented on top of all App4Legal Records, Companies, Contacts, Cases, Tasks, Reminders, Related Documents.

Notification System

Be notified on-time on important events and actions. Set your Alarms and clone them for other colleagues to be alerted on-time to achieve your legal tasks.


Visualize your Work in a 360-degree View. Customize the Dashboard to fit your needs. Select your Reports & Indicators to monitor the Global Activity.


A complete Reporting Module to generate your different Reports for management & follow-up needs. Build your KPIs for your Internal Assessment & more.

Legal Matter

Manage your Legal Projects. Add Notes, Expenses, Reminders and more. Build a Matter Workflow and Add Tasks Relate Documents and Contributors to the Legal Matter.

Contract Management

Manage your Contracts. Add Due Dates, Statuses and Closure Dates. Relate your drafts, templates and versions. Track Notes under your Contract Case in a chronological order.

Intellectual Property

Manage your IP Cases. Add Categories and Subcategories. Manage Renewals in all Countries. Add Reminders and Track expiry Dates. Related IP Cases to Legal Matters.

Inline Edit

Edit Office Documents on the fly. Open Documents from App4Legal and Save your changes automatically. Lock Documents while in use. Benefit from centralizing updated Documents all the time.

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